Asia-SAME Transactions on Engineering Sciences (ISSN: 2377-8970)is not limited to a specific aspect of science and engineering but is instead devoted to a wide range of subfields in the engineering sciences. While it encourages a broad spectrum of contribution in the engineering sciences, its core interest lies in issues concerning material modeling and response. Articles of interdisciplinary nature are particularly welcome. The primary goal of the new editors is to maintain high quality of publications. There will be a commitment to expediting the time taken for the publication of the papers. The articles that are sent for reviews will have names of the authors deleted with a view towards enhancing the objectivity and fairness of the review process.

Articles that are devoted to the purely mathematical aspects without a discussion of the physical implications of the results or the consideration of specific examples are discouraged. Articles concerning material science should not be limited merely to a description and recording of observations but should contain theoretical or quantitative discussion of the results. From time to time, the Journal will publish review articles and bring out special issues on a specific sub-field of engineering science. Authors are encouraged to contact the Editors if they would like to submit a review article or bring out a special issue of the Journal. The Editors reserve the right to reject papers without sending them out for review.

Asia-SAME Transactions on Engineering Sciences (ISSN: 2377-8970) is calling for papers for Volume 1. We sincerely welcome qualified manuscripts in the following theoretical and scientific aspects of Engineering Sciences,

• Civil Engineering
• Computer Engineering
• Control and System Engineering
• Electrical and Electronic Engineering
• Energy, Environment, and Materials
• Chemical Engineering
• Agricultural and Food Engineering
• Engineering economics and management

• Biological & Biosystem Engineering
• Architecture & Planning
• Marine Engineering
• Geological Engineering
• Industrial Engineering
• Engineering Maths and Physics
• Other Fields

Peer Review Policy
All peer review is single blind and submission is online via Editorial Manager.

Article publishing charge
There is no APC from 2017 to 2020. Authors will pay $399 only from 2021 onwards.

Submission charges
There are no submission charges for this journal.

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